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My wife Noelle and I are just a couple of ordinary folks who found ourselves "searching for a better way":

  • A way that would allow us to spend more of our life being together rather than apart.
  • A way that would allow us to enjoy more of our day raising our wonderful new 7 month old daughter Sabrina. 
We made an amazing decision in December of 2007.  We determined that we would change forever our lifestyle of trading in our prescious and irreplaceable time for a simple commodity - MONEY (No More choice of spending 60+ hours per week on our J-O-B).

We made  that decision even though at the time things in our life were very uncertain.  Earlier that month, I had personally hit a low point in my career and life when I lost my job that I had been completely wrapped up in.  I had put in 70 hour weeks, traveled away from home 5 & 6 days a week some times.  I was so obsessed with my J-O-B  and career - I almost destroyed my health, my self, my family and my life!

I have always believed that it is not what happens to you - it is how you respond to what happens to you that determines the quality of your life.  So from a definitive low point we moved forward on a mission to find the right opportunity that would help us reach our goal of Freedom and Financial Independence.  After extensive searching and research we finally came across a community of online entrepreneurs and experienced top producers that caught our interest. You have discovered this same community.

We submitted an application - which was approved, then performed our own due diligence. We were delighted to be able to join forces with a very exciting group. With their help - we started our new international marketing business in January of 2008.  Based upon what we saw in our initial review - we expected to be able to achieve our income goals within 3-5 months and finally have the lifestyle we desired and deserved

Success Arrived Quickly And Has Stayed With Us!

With the incredible support and resources of the community, things like  easy-to-follow instructions,
a follow the numbers "fast-start" program, detailed step-by-step training and personal coaching we were able to become profitable and then replace my base salary within 120 days. (That is the only income claim you will see from us - shared only to give you an important sense of the potential and that it is achievable!  We too detest the proliferation of "income claims" on the internet.)  Don't get me wrong - we worked like crazy and many days long hours, but it did not have the same feeling as work at all.  We were plugged-in to a system that leveraged our efforts 24/7.  We were so passionate about our mission to help others develop a business to accomplish their goals too, that we've always maintained our focus and energy.

Along the way we have earned a great income & received many accolades and awards for our accomplishments!  It really is an understatement to say our life has changed. We are honored and ... humbled.  It is easy to share what we enjoy the most - the feature that is truly most rewarding -  is seeing the duplication and success occuring with others in this business and having had a very small hand in that success.  And with the
regularly scheduled webinars with world class marketing experts and "live event" training conferences  the community still delivers us great value as a coach and mentor to others!

We know how to work hard and smart, but it truly is the system, the education and extensive training, the easy-to-use tools, and the support we receive from the community that leverages what we do.  What we do is completely duplicatable by anyone with the right attitude, some simple home office equipment, access to the internet, and the discipline to put in focused hours each day. We have been able to actually run our business from an IPhone anywhere in the world!

Right about this time - one of the questions that comes up is:

"Glenn, This seems really easy - how come everyone isn't doing it?"

  1. Keep in mind we never said this was easy for us - we said "anyone can do this" . . . it takes work . . . we said success can be duplicated.
  2. And like anything worth achieving it takes commitment and the right approach to success.  Many people just can't believe in their own personal power to make things happen!  
We will help you develop or maybe even recover the right belief system in your life too!

So now you have a choice to make today. You essentially face the same choice that Noelle and I had to make 2 years ago. Do we continue doing the same things each and every day hoping for different results (Insanity), or do we decide to embark on a new journey - a different path - to develop a new skill set and make a permanent change in our lives? (Freedom & Financial Independence)

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We are committed to helping people who make decisions and take action!  A key trait of successful entrepreneurs is the ability to decide quickly and change their mind slowly. We know these days on the internet with all the automated and replicated websites it can be hard to determine who is real and who isn't.  So if you have a question and want to verify we are real folks - Call Us.  

I will keep this first call short but would rather you confirm we are real than pass this by.

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